Women: What to Wear on TV/Video

Some do’s and don’ts…

  • Hair: Soft and simple hairstyles are most flattering. Keep your hair out of your eyes.
  • Clothing: Don’t wear white or very light-coloured dresses, suits or blouses. Blues, tans and shades of grey work best. Avoid small patterns and stripes, they appear too busy on the screen. Be careful wearing something new. You don’t know how it moves with your body and where it may pull.
  • Jewellery: Avoid large and extremely bright pieces, they tend to flare and distort the picture. Large bracelets, rings and watchbands can hit the microphone or the desk, and create unwanted noise. If you usually do not wear jewellery, don’t wear it on television.
  • Shoes: Generally, we shouldn’t see them but wear darker colours. White or light-coloured shoes can make your feet look larger on screen.
  • Make-Up: Everyday street make-up is adequate for TV. If you normally don’t wear make-up, use a light powder to reduce shine from the lights. Carry some light face powder and blush with you in the event that no one is available on-set to help you. If you do your own make-up, keep it simple and natural. Don’t wear vivid red lipstick or lip gloss. Stick to softer tones.

Finally, recognize that most of what video and TV captures is from the waist up. So, focus on those areas.

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