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Event Scheduling & Promotion 

  • Best Workdays To Schedule Your Event? Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Best Workdays To E-Mail Invites? Tuesday to Thursday
  • Best Start Time: 12 noon – 2 pm (remember other time zones, too)
  • Rinse & Repeat: Send 2-3 event invites over at least three weeks — 50% will sign-up in the last week
  • Confirm It:… Continue reading

Room Setup

  • Confidence Monitor: If possible, setup an LCD screen in front of speakers (out of camera range) to show slides and allow them to look forward
  • Question Screening: Consider using a moderator to handle questions coming in from the audience
  • Audio Connection: Ensure the listen-in telephone line is muted for callers so those listening are not distracted by ambient… Continue reading
  • On-demand ASAP: Make an archived edited version available within 24-48 hours
  • Follow-up ASAP: Within 1-3 days, send an e-mail to attending viewers and no-shows with a quick survey, reminder of archived version and upcoming events
  • One-on-One Follow-ups: Consider identifying 5-10 attendees that speakers should contact personally in the week after
  • Post-Mortem: Offer speakers constructive comments on presentation style, format and… Continue reading

With a federal election looming quickly in Canada on October 2015, online video could one of the best ways to get an individual candidate’s messages across to the electorate. There are only a precious few days left now for door-to-door campaigning and limited access to the local media, however, online video offers a great way for candidates to connect on… Continue reading

So, let’s open a can of worms and ask the question: Is there a right of privacy for clients and others attending an event you are webcasting or videotaping? That is, can you include shots of the audience, broadcast their questions and capture their image (whether intentional or not) without seeking their express permission?

In my view, there is no… Continue reading