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With a federal election coming up in Canada and another soon in the United States, it worth looking at how video is changing campaigns. Canada’s Liberal Party scored a “first” in 2011 with a live and interactive “Town Hall” webcast. The event, designed to unveil the Party’s platform, reportedly drew a crowd of over 9,300 unique viewers and elicited… Continue reading

Some do’s and don’ts…

  • Hair: Soft and simple hairstyles are most flattering. Keep your hair out of your eyes.
  • Clothing: Don’t wear white or very light-coloured dresses, suits or blouses. Blues, tans and shades of grey work best. Avoid small patterns and stripes, they appear too busy on the screen. Be careful wearing something new. You don’t know how it… Continue reading

Some do’s and don’ts:

  • Suits: Avoid suits with stripes, checks or small patterns. Medium-tone grey, blue, brown or mixed colours are best. If you wear a black or dark blue suit avoid light-coloured accessories. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear at the office, no matter what the interviewer is wearing. If you feel silly, you’ll look silly and the audience… Continue reading

Typical Video/Streaming Duration

This is perhaps the most hotly debated and frequently asked question for online video producers. How long should the video be?

Most people, based on their personal experiences with varying video quality on the Web, think it should be as short as possible. I’ve heard opinions ranging from “under one minute” to “5-6 minutes” to “absolutely… Continue reading

The teleprompter (originated by the TelePrompTer company in the 1950s) is an indispensable component in modern-day television and video production, providing onscreen talent with a scrolling screen of words to speak. It saves many a babbler and stumbler from professional embarrassment. The question we often run across when doing Q&A-style interviews or video clips is, “do we need one”?

Yes,… Continue reading