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Quite often, subject-matter experts (clients) interested in doing one or a series of audio or video clips think to themselves: “Why do I need a script? I know this topic inside-out.”

OK, ummm…. you need a script. Sure, if you only want to blurt out a few ad libbed lines of little consequence, you can go without a script.… Continue reading

Interesting Site with Tips for Men on TV & Makeup

When you’re on-camera in a corporate or other online video, do you need to wear makeup?

This is a non-issue for most women, but men can get a little squeamish about the question or don’t even think of it at all. Generally, when you are being interviewed it is… Continue reading

Well, I thought it might be fun to kick off this blog with an example of an actual commercial for a U.S. divorce lawyer that is, at once, scary-funny and (oddly) likely quite effective. Enjoy…