video productions made easy
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Live video webcasting is simple in concept but with a lot of moving parts, calling for a unique blend of skills and knowledge in videography, IT and good old-fashioned show-biz! We can help make your next Web event easy (and even fun) with turnkey solutions tailored to your needs (see typical webcast packages here).




Including: Conceptualizing; Scripting; and Storyboarding

Including: Viewer Registration Management; Professional Development Tracking and Management; Web Portal/Landing Page Development; Monetization Options; and Third-Party Video Hosting/CDN Platform Integration



Including: Remote or Multi-Location Broadcasts; Moderated Audience & Social Media Management; IMAG and In-Room Displays; and Language Translation and Closed Captioning

Including: Viewer Exit and Follow-up Surveys; Web Portal Development; Post-Event Monetization Options; and Second Language Dubbing and Closed Captioning




  • WEBCONFERENCING SUPPORT: Enhancements to ClickMeeting, Join.Me, Adobe Connect, Cisco Webex, Citrix GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, and others.
  • POST-PRODUCTION EDITING: Full-service audio and video editing suite facilities (Web to SD to HD to 4K)
  • ANIMATION, GRAPHICS AND CGI: Custom Animations, Graphics and Pre-Event Videos
  • VIDEO CLOUD HOSTING: Secure and redundant hosting for your videos
  • AERIAL (UAV) VIDEOGRAPHY: Licensed and insured drone technology literally lifting your event to new heights