video productions made easy
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Great video starts with great preparation. Whether your production is a live broadcast or a stand-alone, on-demand “explainer” video, you will be happier with the end-result if you take the time to think about what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, and how you can enrich the viewing experience.


1. Conceptualizing

Before “lights, camera, action” a successful video production needs a clear concept. At, it’s brainstorming on steroids, involving everything from:

  • Identifying your primary and secondary messaging
  • Understanding your primary and other audiences
  • Setting out measurable end-goals for the production
  • Mapping out your content and key topics
  • Developing audience “hooks” and creative approaches
  • Scouting the best shooting locations or venue

Conceptualizing services are based on hourly rates and quoted as a flat fee in advance.

2. Script Writing and Presentation Materials provides a complete script development and writing service. Professional scriptwriters with extensive experience in corporate and other videos can write your production from scratch or adapt your existing content (such as articles, speeches or presentations).

With a professionally written and edited script, your presenters can be assured of providing clear and valuable information to your audiences, within the video’s established timeframe. The completed script is then used in our Teleprompters for your speakers to refer to on the event day.

Our editorial and design professionals can also review and enhance your presentation materials, including handouts and slides.

Writing and design services are based on hourly rates and quoted as a flat fee in advance.

3. Storyboarding

The great directors of Hollywood rarely begin a major feature film production without storyboarding. It’s essentially visualizing with sketches or simple graphics all the scenes for your video.

First used extensively by Walt Disney Productions in the 1930s, storyboarding allows a video director to consider everything from the placement of “talent” in the shot to camera lens choices to the use of graphics and B-roll (secondary images illustrating a point in the script).

It is also valuable in establishing a “shot list”¬†that ensures no necessary image or action essential to the story is lost.

Storyboarding services are based on hourly rates and quoted as a flat fee in advance.