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As a standard practice for every event, will setup a kick-off call with event leads, confirm venue setup and connectivity options, identify event objectives and requirements, and outline everyone’s key responsibilities, deadlines and schedules. Our goal is to make your webcasting experience a breeze!


1. Viewer Registration Management

We provide a range of solutions to engage and register your viewers for both one-time and 32752a05-5577-471c-b502-869fe2ac3d2a-largeongoing video events. This includes sending promotional and reminder emails to your potential audience (adhering to anti-spam laws), creating and processing online registration forms, managing registrant databases, and enforcing user authentication and password protections at event time. Our system can also generate post-event viewer surveys based on attendance.

2. Professional Development Tracking and Management

For those offering continuing professional development or education credits, we offer custom-tailored options allowing viewers to request credits and signal completion of a required program.
Our system also keeps a cumulative record of those requests.

3. Secure Web Portal or Landing Page Development

While you may choose to host a live or recorded webcast event on your own website, we can provide a branded landing page for viewers or, if you need detailed viewer statistics and added security, we regularly create branded web portals to serve as an ongoing destination site or library of your archived video and live programs.

4. Monetization Options

Interested in monetizing your webcast event or video archive? Whether it’s in-stream and overlay advertising or pre-, mid- and post-roll videos or subscription-based viewership of your videos, our video platform can handle all major categories of advertising inserts or online payment processing options (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, ClickBank, etc.).

We also work with clients to identify and leverage other video hosting platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo, which offer opportunities for monetization and added public profile.

Animation5. Custom Animations, Graphics and Pre-Event Video

Add an extra level of professionalism to your live webcast with pre-rendered animations, graphics and video segments or reports. Our design team can bring your logo to life, develop animated video clips that illustrate key points, or pre-package news-style reports, client interviews or other videos that your presenters can call upon during the presentation.

6. Third-Party Video Hosting/CDN Platforms

Already using a video event hosting platform you like? No problem. You can continue to use your favourite invitation and hosting platform while we provide a high-quality enriched encoded video stream to the third-party system. Our webcast system easily integrates with all major platforms, including YouTube, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, ON24, and many others.