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In our role as show director and showrunner, oversees and manages all aspects of the production as the event gets rolling, including setup and operation of video camera(s), lighting, webcast audio, coordination of presentation slides and video clips, program switching (that is, directing), and management of video stream encoding. For all of our systems, including video servers, we use redundant fail-over technology to help ensure a problem-free broadcast.


1. Remote or Multi-Location Broadcasts

This is rapidly becoming a specialty for as more organizations seek to add remotely-located speakers in other time zones and offices into web broadcasts. We offer a variety of options at different cost points that allow webcasts to include multiple locations or speakers as content contributors. For one client, the main event was based in Toronto, but the program also called for the Los Angeles office to present, and then “toss” it back to Toronto. Using multiple video servers and a remote technical crew, everything went off with a hitch, even allowing speakers in the two cities to chat back-and-forth.

2. Moderated Audience Interactions

If you opt for an “open” chat box on your event landing page or anticipate a large influx of questions for presenters, it helps to have a dedicated technician sorting through the comments and questions. A dedicated moderator can help ensure appropriate comments are viewed onscreen and can also identify the best questions to pass along to speakers.

3. Social Media Management

It’s popular these days to add an extra layer of viewer involvement onscreen during web events with social media input such as Twitter. Social media tools can also be attached to your event landing page to help viewers spread the word about your program. You can also “live Tweet” your own messages during the broadcast using a custom hashtag. can provide a dedicated individual to oversee your social media activity.

4. Viewer Polling

During the program, can provide ongoing polling or surveying of viewers as presenters call for audience input. Polls are configured in advance and viewers can vote once in response to each survey question.

5. Audio-Only Call-in Line

As a value-added service to your viewers, it’s often useful to provide a call-in telephone number so individuals can listen to the program. For client-provided conferencing lines, we provide this service at no extra charge. For clients without a telephone conferencing system, can provide access to a call-in number for a nominal additional fee.

6. IMAG and In-Room Displays

ISeminarMAG is the A/V industry’s term for “image magnification,” which usually involves displaying a video stream of the event proceedings on screens for the in-room audience to see. It’s commonly seen at major conferences, concerts or theatre productions where some audience members are seated well away from the stage. will provide, at no extra charge, an IMAG link for your in-room A/V company.

7. Additional In-Room Audio/Visual Equipment

While we’re not audio-visual equipment suppliers, we have close relationships with a variety of A/V companies in the Greater Toronto Area and can help your team arrange for meeting room equipment if needed, including in-room sound and microphone systems, video projectors, television displays, stage lighting and other event requirements.

8. Language Translation and Closed Captioning

With advance notice, second language translation and closed captioning can be provided for your live program. As with any live simultaneous translation, there is a time delay involved but it can significantly enrich the viewing experience for some viewers.