video productions made easy
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Once your live event ends, we ready the archival on-demand version of the program and, if required, a DVD recording for your records. This often includes advanced or basic post-production editing, and re-purposing of content for your website, emails, YouTube and other distribution channels.


Invu1. Viewer Exit and Follow-up Surveys

Either immediately after your event ends or within 1-2 days later, we can provide post-event viewer exit surveying for feedback and lead-generation purposes.

2. Secure Web Portal Development specializes in developing branded and secure web portals to house your growing repository of archived video programs. We can offer branded domain name options, or can develop the portal using a client-provided domain. Portals feature extensive security and user authentication measures, and are designed to match your brand requirements. Videos are hosted in a secure and redundant cloud-based environment, with detailed viewer statistics.

3. Monetization Options

Interested in monetizing your video archive? Whether it’s in-stream and overlay advertising or pre-, mid- and post-roll videos or subscription-based viewing, our video platform can handle all major categories of advertising inserts or online payment processing options (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, ClickBank, etc.).

4. Second Language Dubbing and Closed Captioning

You can enhance the value of your archived video by adding additional languages through professional translator voiceovers, subtitles or closed captions.