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Are you using webconferencing or collaboration software such as ClickMeeting, Join.Me, Adobe Connect, Cisco Webex, Citrix GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, or others? Take your stakeholders’ webconferencing experience to the next level with our professional audio and video support services.

Webconferencing software and services differs from professional webcasts in many ways, including video and audio quality, audience size limits and stream quality. That said, collaboration software can be “just enough” technology for organizations conducting webinars or podcasts with basic production requirements and small audiences. offers support services that significantly enhance the quality of your event with broadcast-quality audio, video and webcasting equipment, plus ancillary administrative and post-production services.

We work with clients producing audio-only podcasts and conference calls, audio-with-slide presentations, and video-and-slide webinars.

We also provide support services for poll and question moderation, call-in lines, text chats and social media management.

An important aspect of our support offering is our live recording, post-production editing and archiving of audio-only or audio-video recordings of your program. Some clients, for example, rely on us to capture recordings of their live presentation, edit and enrich the content, and post it for new audiences shortly after the event.

Our support services for webconferencing clients extend to developing and updating web portals for archived programs.

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