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Video is a powerful tool for communicating the expertise of your organization, building profile, and engaging existing and potential stakeholders.

Video programming in all its forms, including live and on-demand webcasting, is now well within the reach of any business, association or other organization.





1. BIG AUDIENCES: Your reach is global and stakeholders can watch anytime, anywhere. Video webcasting, for example, is rapidly become a preferred medium for many internal and external stakeholders, including customers and clients. Surveys show corporate attendees (up to 7 in 10) prefer webcasts to attending in-person. It saves time and money, while allowing them to easily interact with presenters.

2. BIG IMPACT: Whether it’s a webcast alone or a corporate “explainer” video, the impact of your message widens instantly when you engage (almost) all the viewer’s senses. You can also react quickly to developing events and roll-out regular updates more rapidly than many other forms of media.

3. BIG SAVINGS: The cost of broadcast-quality video webcasting has dropped appreciably, while video production quality has increased significantly. Webcasting can be a fraction of the cost of hosting a traditional event since you avoid speaker and attendee travelling costs, lodging, meal, parking and many other venue expenses.

Wondering how much it costs? Check out our very competitive pricing here for webcasting (call us please for custom corporate video projects).


  • Facebook Live, YouTube Live & Other Social Media: Video has hit social media big-time! We have all the latest tech to make your social media platform broadcast a high-quality success (including special cameras designed specifically for Facebook Live and the like (no pun intended). We can also help you figure out a social media strategy for video that leverages the unique attributes of these platforms.
  • Live Webcasts & Webinars: Traditional seminars and conferences are ideally suited to webcasting — broadcasting everywhere from anywhere (including onsite at your business).
  • On-Demand Programs: Whether it’s Q&A-style “explainer” clips or on-demand archived versions of training or other events, stakeholders can view your programming anytime.
  • Regular News Reports: Email and paper-based newsletters aren’t the only way to communicate regularly. Be bold and launch your own web-based or video programming with regular shows that let you tell your story and news your way using the same “virtual” news sets that major networks rely on.


Based in Toronto, with over 25 years’ experience in broadcasting, is already delivering live and recorded webcasting and video solutions for corporate clients and associations across Canada. Our firm was among the first to offer high-quality HD webcasting to clients. We use broadcast-quality and enterprise-level equipment in every production.

Most important, we provide a complete turnkey service: taking care of all the technical and logistical elements (including providing secure registration-based access to webcast events); advising on the best ways to ensure your audience’s attention; and ensuring your organization’s brand is front-and-centre.


Interested in learning more? For a no-obligation telephone chat or in-person meeting, we can cover the following topics:

  • Introductions
  • Your organization’s communication goals and how video can help
  • Our all-inclusive turnkey “no-worries” solutions to producing your internal and external stakeholder events with video
  • Budget outline, deliverables and potential ROI
  • Next steps


To set up an in-person or telephone meeting, please call or email:

Michael Crawford
T: 416.364.2331