Quick Tip: Makeup or No Makeup?

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When you’re on-camera in a corporate or other online video, do you need to wear makeup?

This is a non-issue for most women, but men can get a little squeamish about the question or don’t even think of it at all. Generally, when you are being interviewed it is often worth it to put some makeup powder on. Why? Without makeup, your face will look washed out, your five o’clock shadow will show and the heat of the lights will make you perspire, even if you don’t normally. That makes you look shiny and oily. And, if it’s any comfort, know that most TV anchors, in-studio guests and many reporters wear makeup before going on-air (both foundation and powder).

So, what if you don’t have any makeup powder? Borrow some from a female work colleague, if possible (watch you don’t go too dark or too light). If that fails, at the very least, step into a washroom and lightly wipe off any sheen or oil on your face (forehead and nose particularly) with a damp tissue or cloth. It’s a small detail, but you’ll thank me when the camera goes in for a closeup.

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