Tech Specs

For those interested in how we’re “kitted out,” here’s a rundown of our equipment and capabilities: 

STREAMING & ENCODING: We use the broadcast industry’s best-in-class standards… Tricasters (HD) for portable TV-Studio-in-a-box switching and encoding, and Teradek for mobile video streaming direct from our broadcast cameras. 

VIDEO & AUDIO MIXERS: In addition to the above, we have both traditional SD/HD video and audio switchers for special situations (e.g., in-room programming separate from the webcast). 

WEB BROADCAST CAMERAS: We use up to three (3) high-end Panasonic HD-SDI broadcast cameras for most live events, supplemented by up to seven (7) SONY PTZ robotic cameras (SD and HD) placed at strategic points in the venue.  

DOCUMENTARY & “RUN-AND-GUN” CAMERAS: Typically used for recording high-quality segments for on-demand videos and short-run features, we frequently turn to our Panasonic and Blackmagic Design CINE cameras for  portability combined with rich high-definition images. We also love to toss in our GoPro for those unique angles and shots. 

TELEPROMPTERS: Some on-air talent wouldn’t get by without it, and our clients are often delighted to know we can provide teleprompters to support their presenters.

MICROPHONES: We come armed with a full assortment of wireless and wired microphones to meet any special requirements. 

LIGHTING: We use a mix of portable LED and professional fluorescent lighting solutions to ensure colour balance and temperature looks just right. 

CAMERA STABILIZERS: From tripods to track-based dollies to sliders and jibs, we can make our cameras bob and weave (without the jitters!). 

SPECIAL TECH: We have a solution to most every challenge, whether it’s using green screen technology to add drama, creating a virtual room or television set for your news reports, or slow-motion replays of sporting events. Recently, we added drone technology to our mix for special events requiring a unique perspective. 

If you can imagine it, we’ve likely got an idea of how to do it.

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