Video Duration: Does It Matter?

Typical Video/Streaming Duration

This is perhaps the most hotly debated and frequently asked question for online video producers. How long should the video be?

Most people, based on their personal experiences with varying video quality on the Web, Read more

Teleprompter or No Teleprompter?

The teleprompter (originated by the TelePrompTer company in the 1950s) is an indispensable component in modern-day television and video production, providing onscreen talent with a scrolling screen of words to speak. It saves many a babbler and stumbler from Read more

Script or No Script?

Quite often, subject-matter experts (clients) interested in doing one or a series of audio or video clips think to themselves: “Why do I need a script? I know this topic inside-out.”

OK, ummm…. you need a script. Sure, Read more

Quick Tip: Makeup or No Makeup?

Interesting Site with Tips for Men on TV & Makeup

When you’re on-camera in a corporate or other online video, do you need to wear makeup?

This is a non-issue for most women, but men can get a Read more